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OddsGear – The trading platform for a bookmaker

Supports both early pricing and in-running betting

Provides a convenient user interface

Includes a price calculation engine


Advantages of using the price calculation engine

The price engine for each sport:

Eliminates human error

Provides an instrument for fraud detection
Gives independence from other sources such as exchanges and other bookmakers with regards to derived markets. For each event the system can calculate up to 100 or even more of such markets
Frees a trader from monitoring a big number of markets, which is particularly important in-running

How OddsGear works

The input data for the system consists of the information about the state of the event (e.g. the current score, the match clock etc) and the odds on some key markets (e.g. the match winner, total goals etc). The latter is needed for calibrating the system.

After setting the initial values for the key markets the system will be continuously calculating those markets as well as a large number of derived markets as the event goes on. During the course of the event the odds on key markets shall occasionally be corrected externally if the industry’s perception on the event outcome changes.


Once calculated the odds are forwarded to the bookmakers’ data management system for publishing on a web site and/or in shops.

There is a possibility to automate the trading process by connecting the system to an external data feed for example, Betradar or exchange API, which will provide both the event data and the key market odds.


OddsGear features

The price calculation engine is integrated into a market control system with an easy to understand, user interface which includes:

Manual control over the markets disconnected from the price engine
Automatic control of the market closure and settlement
Mechanisms of automatic (using configurable rules) and manual market suspension
Means of fine-tuning the odds margin per market basis
Control elements for entering the score and other event information

Multilingual support

OddsGear provides the multilingual user interface. At the moment English and Russian versions are available. Other languages will be added soon.


Integration into a bookmaker’s data management system

OddsGear provides simple programming interfaces for fast integration into a bookmaker’s data management system such as Finsoft or Orbis. The standard set of functionality implemented in OddsGear covers most of the typical bookmaker’s requirements and can be used with minimum adjustments. At the same time, the intrinsic flexibility of the system design makes it easy to build a comprehensive bespoke solution on its basis.


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This web site contains a fully functional demo version of OddsGear. Please give it a try and tell us what you think about it. Your opinion is very valuable for us. Please send you comments or suggestions to We will highly appreciate your feedback.

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