OddsGear – the trading platform for a bookmaker that dramatically enhances efficiency, quality and reliability of the sport trading.
OddsGear is based on modules developed for different British bookmakers. These modules and calculation algorithms have been successfully used in day-to-day trading for a number of years.

The main features of OddsGear:

1. The price calculation engine for each sport, which

1.1 Frees a trader from monitoring a big number of markets, which is particularly important in-running.

1.2 Gives independence from other sources such as exchanges and other bookmakers with regards to derived markets. For each event the system can calculate up to 100 or even more of such markets.

1.3 Provides an instrument for fraud detection.

1.4 Eliminates human error.

2. Convenient user interface

3. Support for both early pricing and in-running betting

OddsGear is a ready-to-use product but it can also form a basis for a development of a bespoke sport trading platform. Simple programming interfaces allow fast integration into a bookmaker’s data management system. This can be accomplished by our team, by the bookmaker’s IT specialists or with our combined efforts.

To the users of our system we offer the full source code and the product documentation which includes a detailed description of calculation algorithms.

This web site contains a fully functional demo version of OddsGear. Please give it a try and tell us what you think about it. Your opinion is very valuable for us. Please send you comments or suggestions to info@oddsgear.com We will highly appreciate your feedback.